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People Magazine: Most Beautiful

Cary Deuber no makeup People Magazine most beautiful

To celebrate PEOPLE’s upcoming Beautiful Issue, they’re showcasing some of the most glamorous ladies on TV as you’ve never seen them before. They asked the cast of every Real Housewives franchise to pose makeup-free — and Dallas was more than happy to oblige! We happily ditched our glam squads and shared personal selfies #MakeupFREE. Today, they're kicking off the reveal with the ladies from Dallas. What do we look like without mile-long lashes, contouring and professional blowouts? Check out a few of my barefaced photos, and read on to find out what makes me feel the most confident and beautiful.

Watch PEOPLE Now every day for more makeup-free Housewives and don’t miss the cover reveal of PEOPLE’s Beautiful Issue on April 18th!

Cary Deuber no makeup People Magazine most beautiful

1. When do you feel most beautiful?

I feel the most beautiful when it truly comes from the inside. Physically, I’m a huge fan of practicing yoga to align my physical and spiritual beings. When I feel centered, I know that I’m bringing balance into myself, and that projects outwardly as well. That’s one of the ways that I make myself “feel” beautiful from the inside out. When my 5 year old, Zuri tells me, “you’re pretty, mama”…I always feel like she means it, and it goes straight to my heart! (And 5 year olds can be brutally honest)

Cary Deuber no makeup People Magazine most beautiful

2. What does being make-up free mean to you?

Being makeup free means that I’m giving my skin a break from all the extra cosmetics and just letting it be in it’s most healthy state. Letting it Breathe! I do this often in my work as a nurse or when I’m running behind, getting the family ready. I have to admit, I think there’s something about being makeup-free that just feels honest! No cosmetic. guards up- just “this is me”. I believe that makeup should really just emphasize your own natural features, and I look forward to family vacations where I can keep a clean face. It’s a nice way to feel like taking a break from the “glam” that people think exists on TV.

Cary Deuber no makeup People Magazine most beautiful

3. What physical feature have you always loved to play up?

I’ll admit that my #BoobsByDeubs are totally in my top 2 of fun physical features! I’ve always been a pretty athletically-built girl, and when I decided to make an enhancement, I knew that I needed something subtle and natural-looking to truly feel like myself. My husband is a plastic surgeon, and he did my breast augmentation perfectly! Sometimes, it’s fun to play up my curves (as small as they may be!) because I know it’s something I decided to do for myself that enhanced what I already loved.

Cary Deuber no makeup People Magazine most beautiful

4. Are there features you’re self-conscious about and if so, how have you helped yourself feel more confident about them?

I’ve always been self-conscious about the scar that I have on my chin from when I fell off my bike as a child. At 41, the scar is still there, and as a nurse, I’ve even considered injecting filler there to make it less noticeable. One year, on a family trip to Switzerland, we stayed out of the country for over a month. When I went without makeup, botox, or hair extensions for so long, I got used to my natural look & loved it! I didn’t even notice the scar, and after going back to my regular makeup routine at home, it didn’t bother me anymore.

Cary Deuber no makeup People Magazine most beautiful

5. As you’ve gotten older, how has your beauty routine changed?

I focus a lot more on smart age management, moisturizing, and FIXING all the damage I did to myself when I was a kid. We know so much more about our bodies now & how the sun affects them. Thankfully, I use sunscreen religiously, vs. when I was a kid and we all put on OIL to go out in the sun and cook ourselves like chickens! Thank god that part of my beauty routine has changed.

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