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Q & A: Skincare & Protection


Aside from sunscreen and hats, what do you recommend for prevention and preserving post-treatment skin?


Taking care of our skin is extremely important. This largest organ of our bodies is constantly on the defense & operating in "repair mode" from things like sun damage, lack of collagen, fine lines/wrinkles, and general gravity from regular aging. Amongst these culprits, sun damage can be the most aggressive and damaging on our delicate outer shell. From laying out to tanning beds, everyone has their own reasoning for why their skin looks the way it does, but even the most conservative sun-lover has sun damage and might not even know it.

This is why I so highly recommend laser treatments (or "UV management") for literally ANYone who is looking to preserve their skin. UV management is the single most important thing you can do to prevent further damaging, accelerated aging, and other complications (such as skin cancer). Aesthetically beneficial as well as general body health!

See, approximately 90% of what we consider "aging" effects is due to UV damage. This UV damage significantly affects of the soft tissue we have & also damages our genetic recipe for the creation & regeneration of new tissue.

The great news is that we can not only fix much of this damage, but we also now know how to repair the genetic damage done beneath the surface so that we product a higher and higher quality of soft tissue (as we did before the age of 25).

For more on laser treatments and how they can best be best customized for you and your skincare routine, visit our laser page here!


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