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Breast Aug Blog: Reduction

The goal of breast reduction surgery is to reduce the size of the breasts and relieve symptoms caused by large breasts. In addition, the reduced breasts are repositioned higher on the chest wall in a more attractive, aesthetic position.

To perform a breast reduction, the three main breast components must be addressed and corrected. Excess breast tissue and skin is permanently removed, producing in a tighter, lifted appearance; the nipple areola complex also must be repositioned higher on the chest wall in a more appropriate, aesthetically pleasing position. Breast reduction surgery does result in some scarring of the breasts; during surgery, an incision is made around the nipples, down from the lower point of the nipples to the fold of the breast, and along the crease of the breast. I make every effort to minimize the appearance of scarring during surgery, so long as it does not compromise the final appearance of the breast shape and position.

Your Initial Consultation

During breast reduction consultation, which takes place from the comfort of my Dallas plastic surgery practice, I review the following information with my patients:

  • Your personal cosmetic goals and desires

  • The symptoms caused by the size of your breasts

  • The procedures and techniques that will best help us meet your goals

  • Your medical history and the types of medications that you currently use

  • Whether or not you smoke (smokers are not good candidates for surgery because it puts patients at risk of injury and skin loss, and it delays healing; smokers must quit for at least six weeks prior to surgery)

  • The surgical fees associated with your procedure

  • Whether or not you qualify for insurance coverage (this will depend on your height, weight, and the amount of tissue that is to be removed)

Once you make the decision to undergo breast reduction surgery, I will take preoperative photos to assist me in planning, executing, and following up of your treatment.

Your Reduction Mammaplasty or Mastopexy

The day of your surgery, I will meet you in the preoperative area where I make marks on your skin to help guide me when I am performing surgery. Next, we move you to the operating room where you will undergo general anesthesia. The breast reduction procedure will take about two to two-and-a-half hours. Once the appropriate amount of skin and breast tissue has been removed and the nipple has been repositioned, the incision will be closed with absorbable sutures. Steri-strips may also be applied to the incisions to keep them closed; the strips will stick to the skin for about 10 days. After you have awoken from surgery, you will be sent home to rest.

Breast reduction surgery is a highly reliable, extremely rewarding procedure in selected patients due to its ability to reduce the size of and/or reposition the breasts. In properly selected patients, these procedures significantly reduce the size, weight and hence the symptoms of excessively large breasts. In addition, they improve the appearance of the breasts, often allowing you to wear clothing without a bra if desired.

Most of my Dallas breast reduction patients experience a very positive improvement in self-image, comfort and greater flexibility in clothing selection, and we want you to have that same experience or better!

For more information on this breast reduction procedure, visit my website HERE.

If you have any questions regarding your decision about breast reduction, please do not hesitate to contact my office for further information.

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