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Q & A: All About Fillers

Q: "Botox vs restylane vs dysport vs juvederm?? What does each do and why choose one over another?"

A: Botox and Dysport are neurotoxins, which means they paralyze the muscle that is injected and therefore create an inability to make a wrinkle. These are best used for the "number 11"-looking lines between the eyes on the forehead, horizontal forehead lines, and crows feet.

Botox is my preferred neurotoxin.

Dysport is great too, but I feel like it doesn't last quite as long.

Juvederm and Restylane are Hyaluronic acid-based fillers that are used to fill in lines, enhance lips, and provide volume. I use both of those products depending on the patient's needs.

It is all very specific to each individual patient! I also use other products by the same manufacturer. See below:

Juvederm, juvederm ultra, Juvederm ultra plus (made by Allergan):

These can be used in lips and lines. Ultra and ultra plus add more volume and in my opinion last longer. All can also be used in the "parentheses"-looking lines around the mouth.

Voluma: also made by Allergan, can help to lift the face and enhance the cheeks. I love this product! I usually inject it on the cheek bone laterally to provide extra volume and create a more youthful "C curve" of the cheek.

Restylane: is made by Galderma and has similar products for lifting, enhancing and Volumizing. Good for lips! However, in my experience, it doesn't last quite as long as Juvederm.

Fun Fact: The Galderma-made products are generally less expensive across the board!

Restylane Silk: this is also a Hyaluronic Acid, made by Galderma. Restylane is the princess of hyaloronic acid lol and needs to be very carefully injected and very superficial. It is good for fine lines and wrinkles.

Restylane Lyft: is similar to Voluma. Injected in cheeks to create contour and lift. This offers a lower price point than Voluma but is not as long lasting.

Did I cover your filler question? If not, just submit your questions below in the comments section, or shoot me an email at, and we'll talk it thru. We could answer yours next!

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