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Healthy Living vs. Surgery?

You guys know that living a healthy lifestyle is very VERY important to me. From yoga to non-processed food, it's my daily mission to make sure that I take care of my body as naturally as possible, and I always try to encourage other to do the same.

Healthy natural living on one hand | Plastic surgery on the other

So how can those 2 things ever co-exist?

Well, take massive weight loss for example: You don't always have to go to a plastic surgeon IN ORDER to lose weight. You actually come in AFTER you've lost the weight! See, as most of us learn after a certain age, you can’t diet or exercise away excess skin & that's where our massive weight loss procedures come into play.

After massive weight loss, people have a lot of excess skin. Generally the areas of concern are abdomen, flanks, arms, breasts, and thighs. Unfortunately, skin does not go back. Once the skin has been stretched, it needs to be excised to reduce the excess. These procedures usually need to be broken down into two surgeries (staged) due to the extent and length.

This is why it always pays off to find a plastic surgery team that will invest the time into you and your complex procedures to make sure that you are taken care of at every stage. We customize a step by step plan for YOU & your needs to make sure you look amazing both in and out of your clothes.

For me, this is where my 2 worlds collide. Working hard towards something like massive weight loss can be EXTREMELY difficult- Especially if you do it the natural way!

I think that if you put in that kind of tough work, then it should pay off in the end.

We try to help make that payoff a reality.

Learn more on Dr. Deuber & how we do what we do! Only at

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