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Take Yoga Anywhere

You can take yoga anywhere. To the beach, the mountains, to the office. It is that flexible! As a matter of fact, I am writing (and practicing yoga!) right now LIVE from Turks & Caicos :)  

Yoga offers you increasing flexibility with every practice. You don’t even need a mat! If you have a lightweight travel mat, that will work, but also keep in mind that a lot of hotels can provide guest mats in their gyms if you are traveling & away from your home base.

In this sequence, I am working on back bending, heart opening as well as stretching the shoulders and neck. Also building some core strength and shoulder strength with headstand and handstand. 

When you're on the go & without an instructor, like I am this week, you can essentially do any poses you want that you feel you may need in that moment- whatever serves you. Now, I am not an expert in sequencing, but I do know what my body needs. I personally LOVE to do bridge pose when my shoulders and chest are tight. This feels particularly amazing after a long day of operating or injecting.

Yoga is forgiving and can be done at your own pace on your own time. So, take advantage of the flexibility & make your practice YOURS! Classes are of course the best way (and easiest) to get a workout efficiently. 

Personally, I really like to take some of the pearls of wisdom from each instructor and use them together when I'm on my own. This is my perfect mix of knowledge to keep my practice current and beneficial when I'm on my own or cannot get to a scheduled class session. It motivates me to practice when I’m out of town, and I think that it's empowering to know that I have the ability to make my practice as amazing as possible by combining my favorites :)

Pose on, my friends and keep me posted on your progress! It motivates me to see yogis out there hitting their mats and sharing each others pearls of wisdom! 

What are some of yours?


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