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To me, time is the most precious thing in life. It can't be bought, and you cant ask for more of it.

It is the limit to our lives. This is why when it come to "giving back"... I like to give my time.

My favorite way to give time is though mission work. Over the years, I have traveled on upwards of

10 medical mission trips. My husband sometimes even travels with me, and I cant wait until Zuri is old

enough to go with us! The opportunity to just be together and give back together… To me there is nothing better.

I have done plastic surgery on all of the mission trips. From India to Belize to the Dominican

Republic & Mexico, I've been fortunate enough to travel the world & do as many surgeries as possible during my stay. When we're on medical missions, we also schedule surgeries that need more planning and equipment for our next trip. Setting the groundwork for future work is really important for the more complicated procedures like so many of the of craniofacial surgeries that we do. Craniofacial Surgery (cleft Lips and palates) represents a large amount of the procedures that we do on medical missions, and we also work on ear reconstruction (for children born without an ear), burns (generally caused by fires in their homes), and various other "congenital deformities".

It is also very important to have post-surgical follow up care, which is why I really love working with Connect Med International. They have physicians that can see the kids back again the following week, which decreases complications (Very Important!).

Please take a moment and look up and use a few moments of your time

to give and get information.

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