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Q & A: Recommendations for botox & results?

Q: "The place I've been getting botox only lasts 1 week and she tells me it because I'm thin ??????"

A: In general, fresh Botox that is properly diluted and injected should result in relaxation/paralysis of lines lasting for 3-4 months; being thin should have no negative impact on this.

Keep in mind that you should always get your Botox at a facility charging by the unit that you are receiving rather than general pricing by the area; this way you are getting a consistent dose and result.... Plus it is always best to use an actual nurse injector and plastic surgeon team so that they really know the anatomy and can give you good advice on when enough is enough! (*cough *cough. That's us, girl lol)

In all seriousness, though, a practice whose plastic surgery style is more of a "natural" aesthetic, like Mark Deuber MD will be the best facility to shoot for. An environment like this will (A) ensure you're always in good hands and also (B) keep you from going overboard.

Submit your questions, and we'll talk it thru. We could answer yours next!

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