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No makeup = Best makeup

Rise & Shine babes!

So, sometimes you guys ask about what makeup and skincare products I use, and most of the time (when I'm not getting all done up for an event or filming something on camera), I just moisturize and drag on some mascara (If there's not still some left from the night before lol)!

(This is just a little clear lipgloss, mascara, & moisturizer!)

Honestly, you'd be surprised how many years you can take off of yourself by taking good care of your skin and just letting it breathe! Some of my favorite and most comfortable looks have been makeup minimal, so I encourage you to try it this weekend and see what you think!

At 40, I had to learn to embrace my age and love the skin that I live in. This means that some wrinkles are OKAY! Now, that may sound funny coming from the gal who does botox and other injectables for a living lol But you just have to do everything in moderation. Some of those lines, I leave alone because they show CHARACTER (not too much, now... don't get crazy). If you try to fill EVERY place in your face, though, you'll seriously look like a round, shiny bouncy ball. And surgery isn't always the answer for everything. If you go too far there, you'll look like you're constantly in a wind tunnel. Just maintaining your skin well will take you far. I highly recommend giving your face a little break now and then.

This is my go-to look when I'm on a trip or vacation, and it especially came in handy last week while skiing in Vail (where the elements can be harshest on your skin).

(Honestly, I think I look they youngest when I'm makeup-free or wearing nearly nothing on my face.)

"So, that may sound nice, but what the heck do you use, girl?!" Here's a list of my favorite moisturizers & face fixers:

Have you tried any of these?

Tell me what you use & love to take care of your skin!

(I can't be the only one sharing my secrets haha)



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