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Trying to Organize

All year, I've been trying to keep up with my last new year's resolution to be more neat & organized...yeah, that didn't happen! I had almost given up until I found my new favorite container that I didn't even know I was missing- but more about that later.

Each day, I get ready at my vanity desk (Except for yesterday when I had to get ready at the kitchen table... I'll explain later haha). Anyway- I always have to dig through my drawers to find my makeup and jewelry (which somehow ALWAYS gets messier and messier over time). Without trays inside, everything just rolls around, and it's a scary mystery what you're going to pull out of there next! Well, last week, I decided to move things to the table top so that I could actually SEE my items. I don't mean loose lipsticks rolling around- I wanted to see everything while keeping it all in order, and that's where my shiny new Sherrie Blossom Icebox saved the day.

I love this box because longevity is really important to me. How long will it last? What's the maintenance like? How practical is it? And so on. This lucite kit came with its own special cleaner that you spray on a paper towel like windex, and I love that you can actually get it clean just like it's brand new. With other low quality organizers, there's bubbling in the plastic, glued-on crystals, and cheap construction that keeps you from really getting into every corner. With those, there's NO WAY to clean them once they get dirty, and any "custom" sticky design just peels right off. With the Icebox, the lucite material is extremely high quality, and this makes those little add-ons even better because they last longer. You can even personalize your own kit with initials... Gift idea, anyone?

I'm not sure about you, but I'm STILL hunting for Christmas gifts for friends and co-workers. This is my #1 recommendation for holiday shopping because (A) it's high-quality, (B) it's a one size fits all gift (no trying to guess anyone's clothing sizes) with various shapes and features, and (C) you can buy it without leaving the house! haha that's really my main requirement when it comes to shopping.

Now, if I'm going to shell out more than $50 for a gift, I want to make sure that it's good! So, I did my research on the details of this organizer... and I was NOT disappointed. We're talking museum-quality lucite that doesn't dull or get yellow like other brands will over time. It has 100% opacity, and this clear material currently displays some of the world's most expensive museum artifacts and art. I know that sounds Really FANCY, but I gotta be honest... of all the great things that this organizer can do... it was the handles that really did it for me. See, all of my old organizers had these rinky-dink drawers with handles that were either hot-glued on (and broke in a few months) or screwed in (which just looked tacky to me). My "shorty wide" Icebox has a seamless, bubble-free handle application that is actually very difficult to accomplish (this is why the cheap ones don't have it). Between my 4 year old constantly going through my stuff for "dress up" and my 16 year old planning makeovers... I need something sturdy! Thankfully this new kit was up for the challenge.

Coined the "The Real Housewife Makeup Organizer", this line of kits has really Upgraded my daily beauty regimen, and I can see why so many of us ladies love it! Thankfully, this luxurious little kit isn't JUST for us housewives but for you too! (And the team at Sherrie Blossom is hooking you up with a discount as well!) From now until 12/18/16, you can enter code:

CARYDEUBER for 25% off. It's active now, so get yours before the one you want is sold out!

More good news? After the 18th, you still get 10% OFF Anytime you use my code :)

I use my Icebox every day, and I highly recommend this line ESPECIALLY for Christmas gifts because they have something for everyone. From smaller sets to the pro kits, Sherrie Blossom has really provided an elegant way to show off (and keep track of) all your favorite cosmetics.

Forget trying to figure out your sister's jeans size, boo- just send her an Icebox, and call it a day. Trust me, this option is a lot simpler (and safer)! haha



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