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Real Housewife Gift Guide

The Girlfriend Gift Guide: Real Housewife Edition

Why is it that holiday shopping seems to get more and more difficult each year? You always have to try to beat the last best gift you gave! Well, this year, I started planning early, so I'm sharing some of my key gift items with you. Of course, every girlfriend is different, but you can't spend FOREVER trying to make these chicks happy! That said, this year- I was looking for generic items with a twist! A few tips when shopping for your girlfriends:

  • Are you sure she's getting you something too? (Of course GIVING is the most important part...but don't be that girl that thinks you 2 are closer than you really are. Just sayin!)

  • Look for ONE SIZE FITS ALL items. This way, you don't have to guess on your girlfriend's size... trust me, that can be a dangerous game. The accessory & beauty sections are your friend.

  • Try to be price conscious. Even Real Housewives shop on a budget! Okay, so maybe some of us try to stay under $50 while others shoot for $5,000, but that's none of my business though....

  • Keep an eye out for gift sets and variety packs just in case they don't like one of the items or colors. Nail polish sets, candle packs, fully stocked flasks, earring sets. The more the merrier!

  • Don't be afraid to make your own! Use your creativity as the gift- that's FREE! Try putting together a picnic basket with fixings for your gal's favorite cocktail, recipe, or hobby. (I made this one for my girl D'Andra last week)

  • Most importantly... don't stress. I'm doing almost ALL my gift shopping this year online just so I can keep track (Plus I can stay home while the cray crays go nuts at the mall on Black Friday. Here's a list of stores that are doing their sales online!)

Enough with the chatter- let's get on to the gifts!

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