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You Just Got Served!

This week, we had the pleasure of having South Dallas Foodie, Jan (or "Ms. JANYYYY", as Zuri likes to call her) come by our kitchen to cook with MY favorite chef, hubby Dr. Mark Deuber.

Always the perfectionist... It's like going to a 5 star restaurant every night!

On the Menu:

(Three Courses)

1: Butter poached lobster with eggplant, tomatoes and burrata (that's a dish inspired by Marea in NYC!)

2: Snake River Farms Wagyu Manhattan Fillet with parsley root purée and pickled and roasted kohlrabi

3: Oven roasted chicken breast with potato purée and haricots verts

Mark is amazing in the kitchen, and he incorporates some really unique tools to get our meals prepped like a pro. The recipes themselves aren't really all that complicated, but the WAY that each item is cooked and processed is the key.

Preparation is KEY in the Deuber kitchen. For example, when you make steak, what do you typically do? Grill? Bake? Roast? Instead of risking over-cooking, we use a sous vide machine to immerse the fillet & cook it over time. This is a water-filled tank that is heated to the temp of your choice, and it never goes over a certain temperature. This makes cooking SO much easier (especially for someone like me who does NOT cook lol) because you can leave the steak in there & even forget about it, and it will never over-cook and burn (Thank Jesus! This thing has saved my butt MANY times).

Steak & Butter go in plastic bags before being immersed in water to cook.

Before we immerse the steak into the sous vide circulator, we use a chamber vacuum sealer to hold together the seasonings, fillet, and butter for lubrication (insert immature joke here).

Once the steaks were cooking, it was time to move on with the rest of the meal! Three courses will keep you feeling full all night long, so I assumed that Mark was going to be cooking for HOURS. Surprisingly, he was done in No Time, and this was due in part to how well-prepared he was in setting up the kitchen.

Buh-Bye Felicias!

I think our dinner guest enjoyed herself!

On top of the 3 courses that Mark had planned, he also got to use a LITTLE bit of my help and baked the cookies that Zuri & I had made the night before. I like to make mine really fluffy, doughy, and light! Still perfecting my exact recipe, but I can say that BAKING is really my area of expertise. These turned out GREAT!

For more info all about our dinner with South Dallas Foodie & details all about Mark's techniques, check out her blog here! Thank you Jan for coming to our home and enjoying a meal by own secret chef & husband (and for entertaining my little Z! She loves you now lol).

You did a great job, Mark!

...Now, what do I have to do to get this delicious meal again this week??

(scratch that.... I don't want to know!)



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