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DIY Gift: Cocktail Basket

Not every gift has to be store-bought. Sometimes, it means even more to know that your friend knows you well... And nothing says friendship like a good cocktail basket! I put this together for my girl D'Andra so that she can make the perfect margaritas at home.

All you have to do is start with your friend's favorite cocktail and start building! Throw in some similar themed snacks if you run out of ideas :) This is all about presentation, people. Make it look nice, and you won't go wrong. Your creativity is FREE, so find some affordable stocking stuffers and grocery store items (or liquor store in this case), and give it a try. What cocktail should I pick next???

I need to make more of these! Everyone seems to love them, and even if they don't... it'll be the best re-gift they've ever recycled.


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