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Dallas Fashion Week

This year, I attended my very first NYFW. I went with my sweet friend Stephanie Hollman, and we were both pumped to check it out. Now, we all know that my husband is the fashion guru in our household, but I do like looking cute in the clothes- so I thought it would be fun….. And it was!

Now, when it comes to fashion, I am more into the "ready-to-wear" pieces that I can actually wear on the daily than the crazy avant garde runway getup. But before I get into the styles that I saw in NYC, I have to admit that the fashion buzz started for me in Dallas. Before I hit NYC, I was invited to check out Fashion X Dallas, and the designers shown there were great. It's always nice to see that your city can hold its own!

I really liked this collection by Nine Muses Collection (above) because so many of their looks were wearable for real life.


Click the link above to see where we went next.



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