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New York Fashion Week II

On our next night in NYC, we went to the Bella NY cover launch party honoring Paris Hilton and then an OK! Magazine party with a ton of Housewives from other cities!

You couldn't throw a drink this week without hitting another Real Housewife!

This was such a blast! Thanks so much OK! Magazine for featuring us!

Housewife Reunion anyone?

We ended the night at Tao, which is always a great place to go for sushi in NYC. Other fabulous places to eat and see (and be seen): Catch. We went there one night and had some amazing sushi!

Nello is another great restaurant on the upper East side that has amazing people watching and Italian food that is super yummy!


Overall, this was an amazing trip, and I'm so glad to have been able to try something new outside of my comfort zone. Thank you NYC for a GREAT 1st fashion week!



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