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New York Fashion Week I

As you guys know, my personal style is all about practicality, and for that reason, my favorite show at New York Fashion Week was Chiara Boni La Petite Robe. The line is super easy to wear to dinner or a party and feel fabulous in it.

Plus, the designer was kind enough to dress me and Stephanie for the show! Feeling pretty in pink.

Now, I will say the best thing about Fashion Week are the parties! Great people watching PLUS you get to rub elbows with very interesting people: Eclectic fashion designers, celebrities, and people of all walks of life, which is always fascinating to me. I kept catching myself wanting to say "Hey, omg you're on TV!" haha

Stephanie and I also popped by WWHL to see Andy and meet Tamra Judge (who is amazing by the way)! We then all went out with Lance Bass, who was also on the show with Tamra.


This was SUCH a fun night... but not such a fun morning lol




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