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It's so hard to choose!!

Cary Deuber Nails

Why is it that as soon as I walk into a nail salon... I freeze.

I can’t remember what color I liked last time or what is “in” for the season, and I am completely left to my own devices. The color that I choose will remain on my nails for approximately 2 weeks, and I will have to look at them the entire time and hopefully not hate what I picked. I don’t know about you, but I have no idea what I’m wearing tomorrow let alone next week! If i pick red, I'll want to wear pink the next day. If I choose silver, I'll want to wear a rose gold dress the next day and be pissed. Now, typically I can usually narrow it down to 2 colors. My whole deal is that I just can’t commit to ONLY 1 for my hands, and I don’t like the multi-colored nail on one hand thing… SO , I now do 2 colors! and not in the juvenile-alternating-finger kind of way that Mark is repulsed by (lol sorry if that's your thing, girl! It's just not mine). I wear one color on one hand and another color on the other. One on my right hand and one on my left. The colors usually complement each other but can go with different outfits- This way, you can match several different outfits, which is especially great for when you are traveling. So in a picture, I can turn to the side and show the hand that best goes with that particular outfit...

I have issues, I know, but don’t we all!?! People usually only see one hand anyhow.

Cary Deuber Nails

Like in a photo, for example- you have one on your hip and one holding a bag. If one matches better, put that one front and center!

Cary Deuber Nails

I like to do a nude or a pale pink on one of my hands because those go with everything :)

Cary Deuber Nails


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