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What the Hell do I wear to Yoga!?!

Cary Deuber yoga fashion

A lot of newbie yogis' biggest question prior to making that first faithful journey to the studio is...

What do I wear?!?

DO I wear tight pants, loose pants, fitted shirt, sports bra, what mat do I use,

towel?!?!?!? Help!!!! It can be overwhelming! I will simplify this somewhat for you!

Now, a lot of this is personal preference but I'll give you the lowdown.


The number one thing for me with yoga pants is the material. Camel-toe is not hot and

should never happen…. EVER! My go-to yoga pant brands are AloYoga and K-Deer. They fit

perfectly, and you can't see more than you need to. They are fitted and tight but in all the right

places. The seams are perfectly sewn and in the correct place! No rubbing you wrong!


You can do the sports bra with a cute tank over it (very in right now- I LOVE the

Spiritual Gangster tanks). You can even knot the tank on the side to keep it from getting in your way and looks like you know what you are doing :) You can also just throw on an all in one shirt that has a sports bra in it to simplify.


I typically recommend a lululemon mat or a Manduka. In the summer, I use a yoga towel

over my mat to absorb sweat and keep me from slipping. Again, very personal. What you don't

want is one of those tragic mats that they have at they gym that they call yoga mats. They suck,

and you will break your neck!


(haha now, to me- the phone is a necessity, but I guess you can do without!)

A headband is a MUST for me. Keeps my hair out of my eyes and the sweat

as well. You should also think about keeping a water bottle with you when you work out at all times. Use one that is insulated to keep your water cool even in a hot & humidified room like a Swell bottle.

Those are just a few of my personal recommendations, but you know that I am down to do yoga wearing just about anything!

What are your yoga essentials? Did I miss anything that is on your list of Must-Haves?

What the hell do YOU wear to yoga?!?!??!



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