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Escape FROM Cabo

This week, while relaxing over the long Labor Day weekend, we had some pretty crazy weather...

With only 1 day before our planned flight back to Dallas, the Las Ventanas al Paradiso staff gathered all guests for a safety meeting to prepare us for a Hurricane named Newton...

click the image above to see the full interview with my friends at CTV

We were certainly caught in the storm with NO escape, and ready to go home! We tried to catch a flight before it hit, but it was too late. At 2am, all the craziness began, and it sounded like a FREIGHT TRAIN. For about an hour, it was nothing but noise, but it eventually died down. We thought it was over... but little did we know- we were only in the eye of the storm. It picked up again and lasted till about 5am, breaking windows, destroying the beach, and leaving water and destruction everywhere it touched.

Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep that night! Category 2 hurricanes tend to keep you up :) But we finally made it home safe and sound the next day!

Thank you all for the prayers and great energy!!

And a huge thanks to the AMAZING staff members at Las Ventanas for keeping us calm and safe and being thoroughly prepared for our small natural disaster.

xo Cary

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