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Escape to Cabo!

Cary Deuber in Cabo

Cabo is one of our favorite getaways!

We always stay at Las Ventanas al Paraiso, which I have found to have some of the highest quality service in the world. You cant move your umbrella or adjust your chair without someone running, and I mean SPRINTING, over to assist you. Every room actually comes with a private butler to help you with whatever you might need (queue my little happy dance).

The whole resort is just so relaxing and romantic. The standard rooms are located in buildings sprinkled around the resort with most having ocean views. Each building has 4 downstairs rooms and 4 upstairs; the upstairs suites are called rooftop suites and have private jacuzzi tubs and staircases to access private rooftop terraces - very romantic!

If you really want to splurge, they also have new private mutli-bedroom beachfront suites with private swimming pools.

This, for me, is not a kid place. Although some people do choose to bring their children... there isn't really a lot for kids to do, in my opinion. This is a great place to lay by the pool and relax as I am doing at this moment (they just brought me a popsicle to cool me off. omg leave me here forever!!).

Cary Deuber in Cabo

The main pool has a swim-up bar that serves amazing fish or seafood tacos, guacamole and incredible jalapeño margaritas. There are also smaller adult only swimming pools sprinkled around the property.

Mark & Cary Deuber Cabo

Las Ventanas al Paraiso has a great spa with amazing facials and massages. The private areas feature cold plunge pools, hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas. The decor is really cool with these amazing masks by renowned Mexican artist, Sergio Bustamante.

Las Ventanas has several restaurants on site: There is a open air sushi and tequila bar with (obviously) sushi, really yummy ceviches and more tequila choices than you could possibly imagine. The sea grill for lunch and lighter dinner features fish, steak and seafood tacos, snacks and grilled meats and fish at night. And the formal restaurant has great regional mexican cuisine; there’s also a private wine cellar (La Cava) if you want to get really fancy.

Finally, on Saturday’s, they feature a Barbacoa event where you gather with the chef in the morning to put pieces of lamb in a fire pit and then meet again in the evening to partake of the feast! This is a group dinner that is really nice because the people you meet who stay at this resort are generally pretty interesting folks. I always say I’m not in the market for new friends but we have met friends here 6 years ago that we still keep in touch with and travel other places with!

Breakfast, served until 11:30, is not to be missed with Mexican inspired breakfast favorites.

To round things out, a really well equipped gym (a MUST for me) and almost daily yoga classes taught by one of the best resident resort yogis I have encountered anywhere.

Cary Deuber beach yoga

There are two categories of vacationers to Cabo: people that want to party balls-to-the-wall and not even begin to sober up until the flight home; and those would want uber quiet, uber relaxing and uber pampering. You know who you are! Las Ventanas al paraiso really provides “windows to paradise”.

Cary Deuber Cabo

I have also stayed at Esperanza and The One and Only Palmilla. These are both wonderful and probably a little more kid-friendly if you want to make it a family adventure.

Other Food

Flora Farm: You must take a taxi to this restaurant. ((Disclaimer- You will think that you are being kidnapped and taken down a dirt road to never be heard from again.)) Lucky for you, it is just a dirt road to a yummy restaurant. They have a wood-burning pizza oven that churns out Napoletana style pizza and pork chops so big that one almost killed my husband (choking hazard alert) . They have house-made ice cream out front that you can purchase to go or eat at your table, and the apple pie flavor is always my favorite … It has, like, actual apple pie in the ice cream! Delicious!

Nick San at The One and Only Palmilla: Yes, they actually have sushi in Cabo that is worth eating! They have 2 locations in Cabo, and I Love the rolls there as well as the sashimi. It has kind of a California sushi flair. FYI The location downtown Cabo is not as good in my opinion. Go to the other one :)

All in all, this was an amazing trip, and I already am looking forward to going back!

Now- back to the beach...


Let me know what your favorite part of Cabo is!

Next, I gotta tell you about an interesting new development on this trip... ever hear of Hurricane Newton? ...Stay Tuned

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