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GREAT Hair Day with Balmain

Cary Deuber hair before & after

Balmain hair couture systeme volume is a unique multi-strand extensions system. It is a beautiful application from one of the world's highest luxury brands... and I'm definitely obsessed!

Today, I was a hair model for Garret Lemmon's instructional class (lucky!), and he made me feel and look Amazing! I usually get my extensions done at Muse the Salon or Craft and Company. Garrett is a trainer with Balmain and therefore has many hairdressers come to him to get their certifications in this extension system. I also love Carlos, who does my color and Julie who also works for Balmain.

So here's the details on the new weave:

  • My extensions are Balmain by the Parisian fashion house.

  • Garret, my stylist, does individual extensions with keratin bonds.

  • I love this technique because my hair usually lasts about 3 months (yay!), and this adds MAJOR volume to my hair.

  • When it comes to hair, I've got the length, but I just have a very small amount of fine hair.

  • The bonds actually don't damage my hair. It has made it more healthy if anything!

  • But you have to still treat YOUR hair well. It still exists under there. Give it a break from time to time. For example, I just had my last extensions out for about a month while I was in Switzerland and my regular fine-textured hair was ... just fine!

Here are a few more snapshots from today!

Cary Deuber Balmain Hair

Carlos, me, Julie, & Garrett

Cary Deuber Balmain Hair


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