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Zurich: Fest300

The "Fest300" Street parade is one of the largest techno parties in the world and the largest event in Zurich!

There are stages set up all along the Lake of Zurich for the bands & DJs. This festival is attended by more than 1 million people and stands for freedom and tolerance. It always takes place on the second Saturday of August. This is the second one I have attended, both just happened to be going on while we were in Zurich.

It is insane!

The first one we went to was about 5 years ago. Gray and Lara were with us, and we all went as a family group. This year, Gray had already gone home, but Zuri and Lara were with us... (Actually Lara ditched us for some friends, but that's none of mu business tho...)

:) lol Anyway - Fest300 is AMAZING for people watching… Like better than Walmart! The costumes are all over the map... Everything from a giant penis to crazy club kids… I mean, what are you usupposed to wear to something like this?! I just wore a fun sports bra (from LF Dallas) with a T (which I eventually took off bc it was hot) and a pair of cutoffs.

This party starts at 2pm and goes all night. We went out during the day until Z needed a nap around 4.

We have fun anywhere!

We went out again around 7pm, and there were people passed out on the streets and the party was already getting too crazy for me! Broken glass, urine and vomit are not my idea of a good time lol! But I AM 40 now, tho! This is definitely a party for your 20’s... I especially realized this when young men in their 20’s were yelling "MILF" at me! haha (I mean, it's cool for a confidence boost, but then you realize that you're CLEARLY "mom" age and probably need to take your self home.)

Overall, this was a BLAST, and I highly recommend it for anyone fun and adventurous, looking for a crazy & colorful experience while traveling abroad. Even Zuri had a great time!

For more on Fest300, check out their website here.

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