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On the Way Home...

This week, while traveling back home from Zurich, we had a pretty interesting flight...

With about 1 hour left back to Dallas, the Delta crew began asking around if there was a doctor or nurse on board. Thankfully, on our flight, we had both:

click the image above to see the full interview with my friends at TMZ

I'm not sure I'd quite call it a "rescue". The passenger on board was ill and certainly needed medical attention. I'm just glad that we could help and aid the crew in landing safely in Dallas as planned. Nowadays, planes come standard with supplies to help in situations like this (thank God!). So if you ever catch me on a flight, just remember that I've got experience with crazy situations like this, and we'll all be just fine :)

A huge thanks to Delta and the on-land doctor for helping get us home safely with no major complications!

xo Cary

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