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My Workout Routine

My typical workout is yoga in the mornings. I am better at working out early in the day because I have more energy. Also, I like to be home in the evening with Zuri and Mark.

If I lift weights, I usually need a trainer to boss me around. Not because I don’t know what I am doing but because I will quit after 10 minutes!! (Over it) I think that is why I love yoga. It is motivating to be in class with others and absorb their positive energy. I usually practice yoga 3-4 times per week and play around with different poses at home when I have time.

Tree Pose | Alo: yoga sweater, pants, and bra.

Even though I'm a dedicated yogi, I also highly recommend walking for a good workout! Mark and I try to walk 4-5 miles, 5 days per week. Being outside really helps the time pass, and I don’t really realize I’m working out!


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