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Away: A Dallas Girls Guide To: NYC

I love New York!

Mark and I love going to the city. Also known as the center of the Universe! I was born in Connecticut, and Mark lived in Manhattan for 4 years while he was an investment banker, prior to medical school. NYC is home away from home to us. Our favorite place to stay is The Lowell Hotel. We like it because it is more like a Manhattan apartment than a hotel.

Travel Trips

  1. We ride the subway, and I love it: Great people watching, cheap and efficient. I always have my headphones with me which is a great defense mechanism against any crazy people who may try to get your attention (and it makes you look like less of a tourist).

  2. Also, always wear a cross body bag when traveling in any large city.

  • Wear it in front of your body so that it is always in your visual field

  • Make sure it is zipped closed, and Always be aware of your surroundings. I always hold on to my bag with one had when in large crowds to feel more secure.

  1. When traveling overseas, lock your passport(s) in the safe immediately upon checking into your hotel. Make sure you also take a picture of your passport as well as your kids' passports, and email these photos to yourself. Place them in a “travel” folder in your email so that they are easily accessible.

  2. Also, email yourself all of your frequent flyer numbers for all airlines and your trusted traveler numbers and place them in your travel folder.

The Lowell Hotel Lobby

Columbus Circle during the Holidays

Oysters at Marea

Manhattan is a foodies dream!! I love going to the high-end places as well as the hole in wall joints. Mark likes to stick to the high end places, but I usually drag him down to chinatown to grab some soup dumplings :)

Great Restaurants

  • Marea: is one of my favorite places to have seafood in NYC. It is fresh and light. The langoustines are to die for.

  • EMP (Eleven Madison Park): The chef is Swiss and a very talented man. We actually met him years ago at another favorite vacation place, Blackberry Farm in Knoxville, Tennessee.

  • SShun Lee Palace (Midtown East): Peking duck anyone?!? I love a good dumpling, plate of noodles and Peking duck! This place is just plain yummy!

Shopping… You can't deny that NYC is a fashion hot spot. I love browsing around the Celine store (as pictured) and Bergdorf Goodman.

Do you think I should have taken that bag home with me? I hear that orange is the new black, but I'm typically a neutral girl myself. Hmmm... next time, NYC!


Anything I missed on my NYC trip? What do you guys like to do in the city?

Let me know what to check out next time in the comments below.

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